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Robert Ahomka-Lindsay
Representative - Ministry of Trade & Industry

Honourable Robert Ahomka-Lindsay is the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Ghana. He is an Entrepreneur and Investment & Finance Specialists. Robert has held various positions of management and Board representation on various countries and institutions in US, UK and Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana. His most recent role in Ghana included Chairman of the Board of CAL Bank (a publicly listed Bank in Ghana) and Chairman of the Board of Metropolitan Insurance Company.

Robert has also served on the World Banks Economic Advisory Councils of five African Presidents in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Mali and Senegal. Robert holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Economics from the University Of Sussex (UK). His studies in the School of African and Asian Studies concentrated on Development Economics, Finance, International Relations and Public Finance. He received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University Of Chicago (USA), electing to specialize in Finance, Organizational Management and Change Management.