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GEXIM is working to integrate foreign trade and investment opportunities to build value over the long term. At a time when Ghana is on the verge of making a mark on the global arena as an export hub, to invest abroad for seeking resources, markets, efficiencies or even strategic assets, GEXIM is encouraging Ghanaian companies to invest abroad and are here to facilitate conditions for that.


We can provide access to foreign markets by providing Term loans to Ghanaian companies for:

  • 1. Capital expenditure towards acquisition of assets
  • 2. Working capital requirements
  • 3. Equity investment in another company
  • 4. Acquisition of brands/patents/rights
  • 5. Acquisition of another company
  • 6. Any other activity that would otherwise be eligible for finance from Exim Bank had it been an Ghananaian entity.

7. Currently, Equity Finance and Working Capital Finance are the facilities considered under this product.


  • 1. Duly registered/incorporated in Ghana as a company/cooperative society or any entity acceptable to GEXIM
  • 2. Must provide security which  include appropriate charges on assets of the overseas entity, corporate guarantee of the Ghanaian promoter, risk cover and other pledges acceptable to GEXIM 
  • 3. Provide evidence of exports
  • 4. To use our facilities, any of the following securities can be provided:
  • 5. Cash collateral
  • 6. Corporate guarantee
  • 7. Shareholders and / or Director's guarantee
  • 8. Landed property
  • 9. Charge on fixed and/or floating assets of customers
  • 10. Assignment of insurance policies, agreements, contract proceeds, rights and benefits
  • 11. Any other security acceptable to the Bank.