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Pre-shipment credit is provided to support businesses with appropriate access to finance at the manufacturing stage for the purchase of raw materials and other inputs. Pre-shipment credit facilities are also offered for the importation of raw materials/inputs for export production. Under this product, facilities considered are: Short Term Loans, Bridge Finance, Import Finance and Warehouse Financing.


  • 1. Duly registered or incorporated Ghanaian companies.
  • 2. Ghanaian companies/firms/cooperative societies with a track record in exports.
  • 3. Goods and commodities that are wholly or partially produced for export.
  • 4. To use our facilities, any/or a combination of the following can be provided as collateral:
  • 5. Cash
  • 6. Corporate guarantee
  • 7. Shareholders and / or Director's guarantee and Several guarantee
  • 8. Landed property
  • 9. Charge on fixed and/or floating assets.
  • 10. Assignment of agreements, contract proceeds, right and benefits
  • 11. Any other security acceptable to the Bank.