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Export Advisory Services 

The Bank’s Research and Advisory Services Department offers a diverse range of information, advisory and support services, which enable exporters to evaluate international risks, exploit export opportunities and improve competitiveness.

Value added information and support services are provided to Ghanaian exporters on the projects funded by multilateral agencies. Customised research are undertaken by the Research Department on behalf of interested companies in areas such as; establishing market potential, defining marketing arrangements, and specifying market distribution channels.

Developing export market entry plans, facilitating accomplishment of international quality certification and display of products in trade fairs and exhibitions are other services provided. The Bank provides a wide range of information, advisory and support services, which complement its financing programme. These services are provided on a fee basis to Ghanaian companies and overseas entities.

Scope of services includes market-related information, sector and feasibility studies, technology supplier identification, partner search, investment facilitation and development of joint ventures both in Ghana and abroad. Information in the form of a list of importers / exporters across different industries and sectors are provided to Ghanaian firms active in international trade. 

The Team envisages avenues to enhance Ghana's international engagement and would implement the research under a broad classification of regional, sectoral and policy related studies; which would then be published as Occasional Papers, Working Papers, among others.

Other Services

  • 1. Exim Bank as a Consultant

The Bank’s experience in evolving as an institution supporting international trade and investment, in addition to functioning as an export credit agency in a developing country context, is of particular relevance in other developing countries. The Bank would be sharing its experience and expertise by undertaking consultancy assignments. GEXIM would also be sharing its experience and expertise through provision of on-site exchange of personnel programs aimed at providing a first-hand experience to the employees of its institutional partners.

  • 2. Institutional Linkages

GEXIM seeks to foster a network of alliances and institutional linkages with multilateral agencies, export credit agencies, banks and financial institutions, trade promotion bodies, and investment promotion boards to help create an enabling environment for supporting trade and investment.

GEXIM also undertakes country profiles to:

  • 1. assess the economic, political, currency and credit risks involved
  • 2. identify export opportunities in the country concerned
  • 3. provide short-to-medium term economic outlook of a country
  • 4. indicate the economic risk involved in doing business with country

With an objective to provide up-to-date information to Ghanaian traders and investors, GEXIM would be publishing various bulletins regularly with information on export opportunities and provide highlights on developments that have a bearing on Ghanaian exports. 

Key roles of Marketing Advisory Services:

  • 1. To help Ghanaian exporting firms in their globalisation efforts by proactively assisting in locating overseas distributors/buyers/partners for their products/services
  • 2. To identify opportunities overseas for setting up plants or projects or for acquisition of overseas companies


Companies/firms that are not identified on the negative list of Ghana's Foreign Trade Policy and International Conventions are eligible to access these services.

Requirements from the applicants:

  • 1. Company profile
  • 2. Product Brochures
  • 3. Printed material
  • 4. Prices
  • 5. Existing export markets & target markets
  • 6. Minimum order quantity
  • 7. Quality certifications
  • 8. Samples, as and when required