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To become a strong financial institution that will be a key engine in the development of Ghana’s export trade, facilitate cross border trade and make Ghana a pillar in regional and continental trade


To facilitate the transformation of Ghana’s economy into an export one by supporting and developing trade between Ghana and other countries, overseas investments by Ghanaian Companies and eliminate critical market failures in the Ghanaian economy thereby making Ghana competitive in the global marketplace

The Act

The Ghana Export – Import Bank Act 2016 Act 911 established the Bank. Its date of assent was 29th March 2016. The Bank is accountable to the Minister on the achievement of its object and compliance with this Act and the guidelines of the Bank.

Object of the Bank

The object of the Bank is to: 

  1. Support and develop directly or indirectly trade between Ghana and other countries, and; 
  2. Build Ghana’s capacity and competitiveness in the international market place.